Friday, May 30, 2008

Joy to the World

This morning in my walk I listened to Avalon's version of Joy to the World. It's one of my fav Christmas songs. When the 25th of the month would fall on a Sunday, a former pastor never lost the opportunity to tell our congregation how long it was until Christmas! So since today is the 30th----it's less than 7 months until Christmas! Can we find the joy in May just as easily as we see it in December?

A friend of mine's daughter is expecting her first child - and the due date is December 13. When I am around her, she is so excited, anticipating each coming moment, enjoying the current moments of planning, doctor's visits, and changes in her own body. As the body of Christ, we should be feeling that same anticipation and joy be it December or May. God comes to us everyday not just on Christmas. We can celebrate, look for, plan for, anticipate all those changes that come to us as we experience His presence. Yes, we have our trials. If you read St. Paul you will see the theme of joy in the midst of trials because he knew the Holy Spirit was with him -- Emmanuel --- God WITH us! That's worth celebrating every day!

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