Wednesday, February 27, 2008


OK, my dear, dear friend Katie is a party pooper! She reminded me of something so important, I need to share it with you....Romans 15:7 says, "Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God..." What I'm here to tell you is that we don't just need to accept one another----we need to accept ourselves.

We all have these pity parties at times. Sometimes it's over very significant things, and sometimes it's over the most silly things (like mine today). Doesn't matter - it's things that make you feel less than.... less than perfect, less than with it, less than a good mother, less than a good wife, less than a good worker.....the list goes on.

You know it's the exact same thing Satan did to Eve - made her feel less than. Don't let him do that to you -- I don't want to let him do that to me. Remember Romans 15:7 - Christ accepted us just as we are. Isn't it time for us to do the same thing?


Battling the Pity Party

It has been a week! We have been battling the "crud" that's been going around. After three days of fever, my child is back at school - worrying about how the day will go with all he's missed. Someone said that in high school when you miss a couple days it's like missing a week, and I agree. He has two upcoming tests - one today and one tomorrow - for which he is not prepared because he wasn't in class for the review. But it will work out.

While my child struggles with this, I'm struggling with my own feelings of inadequacy. Your children's teenage years bring this on - am I making the right decisions - am I picking the right battles - have I set the right parameters - am I over-reacting - am I too lax.....the list goes on and on and on.

I think Satan likes to jump on the bandwagon when we're struggling. This morning was late start day at the high school, and since I didn't want Drew walking in this wind after being sick, we waited a little later to leave the house. With time on my hands, I looked around my home - bad idea. Ya'll, I am absolutely the WORST housekeeper. There are clothes on the floor that need to go to Drew's closet (now that he's well, those can be put up today). It's been 2 weeks since I've vacuumed - had a "date" with my husband last weekend. I can't tell you the last time I've swept the garage. There is "stuff" everywhere. I make resolutions to do better, and I don't. I need to get rid of things I don't use, because I have no storage space. I literally put things in the mud room closet and slam the door, hoping nothing falls out! I apologize when people stop by...but the thing is, it never changes. My house looks half-way decent for 1 day when I clean, then it's right back to how it was before.

The theme of my pity party today is "Why can't I change?" I want to do better --- but I always fall short. Why can't I follow through and have a good house cleaning? Why don't I take the time to pull things out of closets and cabinets and discard?

I was getting ready to go on and on about this, but I think you've heard enough and I've said enough. You get the idea. Anyway - if you have good pity parties, let me know. We can battle them together.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Awesomeness of Heaven

This morning I thought I saw/felt just a touch of the awesomeness (is that a word?!) of heaven.

After my 50,000 mile checkup last year, I was told I needed to exercise. With this back of mine about all I can do is walk and that has to be on flat surface. Up and down hills aggravates my back. So I have begun walking at Crooked Creek Park. Not being one who "loves" to exercise, I walk to the tunes on my i-pod. Problem is, I can hardly walk when certain songs come on --- I just feel the dance coming out in me. I cannot contain it. I am sure I provide many comic moments for others whop happen to be at CCP the same time I am. In fact, people have passsed me walking and looked back with smiles on their faces. (I think they're smiling with me - not at me.) If you happen to be one of those there while I am----I apologize!

Today was one of those mornings. I started the morning with"unwritten" and progressed to Lion of Judah, Lean on Me, Looking for You, Long Black Train, That's What I Love About a Sunday, and more I can't remember. As I left the building :) I thought that I had truly experienced the Awesomeness of Heaven deep inside me. In all my silliness, I could feel God smiling down at me. How could you hear those songs and not feel the Spirit of God move inside of you? Do you realize our lives are unwritten from this moment on? Yes, God has a purpose for us, but we have a choice. What are we going to write on these blank pages? One of my favorite W&P songs is Looking for You by Kirk Franklin. It's gets me going every time. Am I looking for God?

I have to admit that lately I have been going through the motions with Bible Study. Doing homework because it's what I'm supposed to do. I haven't been looking for Jesus, I've been in a rut. Well, I'm praying it stops today! computer just cut off (came unplugged). How appropriate! It's time to stop the routine. It's time to write the next page, will it be filled with routine, feelings of inadequacies or will it be expecting a glimpse of the awesomeness of heaven? I'm going to make a concerted effort to look for God and those glimpses. I encourage you to do the same.

With love,


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Relevant, Young, Current

Maybe the next American Idol will be a female. Don't know if you're watching tonight, but I haven't seen it yet...Maybe it's the 60's songs? There's only three more to go. Some of them have sounded pretty good, but I'm like Simon - they're just not that memorable. Hope the girls can pull it out tomorrow. Need to take more risks.

Isn't that like us, too. Or maybe it's just me - we stay with the tried and true, the dependable, that which makes us comfortable. And we get no rave reviews. In fact we become quite dull and boring - in a word forgetable. Don't be afraid; take chances are what Randy and Paula said. Simon said, "You need some fresh air." Isn't that what we all need - a breath of fresh air.

Relevant, young, current. That's been Simon's advice to several of them. I feel like that's what we need to be as Christians. These 60's songs are still good - the Gospel is still the Good News. We don't need to change the message of the Gospel, we just need to make it relevant, young and current to our generation. Now the key as to how to do this is like each of these singers - it's up to the individual. Each of us is different, and we approach life differently. My approach to relevant, young and current may not be yours. The thing is that we have a wonderful message, just like these wonderful 60's songs, we need to find a way to make it relevant to this generation. Since when is new life, salvation, love (Jesus) boring? I think it's time we start experimenting, taking some risks and breathing fresh air. Then see what works for you.

I think they saved the best for last. Come on baby, light my fire. Let's light the fire of the Gospel.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Calling into Existence

I was proofing Sunday's bulletins today, and a verse stopped me in my tracks. "...who gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist." (Romans 4:17b NRSV) Our God does that, you know. He calls things into existence that don't exist. We have a void of love, and He calls love---we have a void of hope, and He calls hope---we have a void of purpose, and He calls purpose---we have a void and He calls. Now the problem with us sometimes is that we fail to recognize what God has called. It doesn't look like we think it should look, doesn't feel like we think it should feel, doesn't come when we think it should come.

I don't know about you, but there have been times I prayed for patience, a more tender heart, a more defined purpose, and it comes. But it seems to come only when I let go --- only when I turn from it and seek God. I ask for a tender heart, and God puts me in another situation where I need to love someone regardless of how much I like them. I ask for patience, and here comes something that tries my very last nerve. I ask for relief, and God sends me a friend. I ask for purpose, and God sends me Himself.

God doesn't take away the situation. Oh yeah, that's what we want Him to do. I think that's why we miss it. We're looking for release. Instead, I think He puts us right back in the same scenario with a chance to do it over again --- only the right way this time.

This may be a simplistic view. In fact I know several of you who are going through things that have no end in sight, and no change in view. But don't give up. Call on God, and ask Him to call into existence exactly what you need. Then keep your heart open. Verse 18 of Romans 4 starts, "Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations..." Put your name in there, against all hope (your name) in hope believed and so became ________. Believe God for what you need. Only He can call into existence the things that do not exist.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I have a fresh heartache and it's not for's for my baby boy. He had a major disappointment today, and my heart hurts for him. Unfortunately, I know it's one of many more to come. Not that he hasn't had disappointment before...but this one is a little different. It's one where you know in your heart it should have turned out different, but it didn't.

I won't embarrass him by going into any detail. It's really not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. But aren't we all like that...small things disappoint us that seem so huge at the time? I'm a firm believer that God works things out for our best. I also believe that disappointments can sometimes point us in new directions - maybe the direction we were meant to go all along.

It just takes time to see it from that perspective. And that's what it will take for my son to get over it....time. Parents need time, too. We want to make excuses, vent, and talk about the unfairness of life. In fact, sometimes I think parents have a more difficult time letting it go than children. It's because a piece of our heart has been broken, too.

I saw it about an hour ago, though...a smile. It showed up as life moved on. It showed up as a new adventure began. It showed up in the midst of heartache. Life moves on...and so must we.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

I am sitting here at 9:30 at night giving in to temptation. Drew was hungry after an early after-school sandwich, baseball try-outs and homework. So all three of us pile in the car and head to Hardee's. All I wanted was french fries, and man are they good! It's so late, they had to fry fresh ones! Mmmmm good! I neeed to walk an extra mile tomorrow and will not weigh in the morning!
Great Bible study tonight. Now it's time to cram for next week's session on Monday! YIKES!!!
I listened to part of a podcast before I left for Bible study tonight. Travis Cottrell was interviewed by Bigmama and Boomama on their blogspot. If you want to listen to much about nothing - this is the thing. I only heard about 15-20 minutes and it is just "fun talk." (This is NOT for the serious minded person.) Travis' blog is at (OK, I've got to figure out how to add a link without putting the whole address.) There's a link there to Boomama and Bigmama blogs where the podcast is located. Their fun blogs are must-reads, too. Maybe I can listen to the whole thing tomorrow. Too much fun.

Gotta go help Drew look for something!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Identity Theft

I was reading another church's newsletter today, and on one line I saw the name "Susan" and right below that on the next line I saw the name "Amick." I realized it's been a long time since I've been know as Susan Amick. For the last 25 years this May, I've been known as Susan Boland - and that is who I have become through the many changes I've experienced over the years - some easier than others. I don't often think about all these changes. How about you? Lots of things we would rather just leave behind us and never re-visit. Other things we look back at with fond memories.

God does that to us. He comes to us in our Baptism and changes us through our experiences over the years. He changes our name to "child of God" and never leaves us. Second Corinthians 3:18 says, "And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit."

Transformation...ever changing....glory to glory....child of God...till we see Him face to face!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Football Anyone?

Just sitting here watching the Super Bowl waiting for the commercials! :) However, this has been a good, defensive game, and my Giants are on the move --- like those Manning boys. I've been rather disappointed with the commercials. Nothing that has really knocked my socks off. (TOUCHDOWN Giants!!!!! )

I guess once we get past this game, it'll be light on the sports until baseball starts. But it looks like American Idol is getting ready to get down to business, and there seems to be a solution in the works for the writers' strike. Which means (I hope) that Chuck will be back on Monday nights.

Yes, this is a post about much of nothing. That's the way my brain seems to be going today --- much of nothing. We've been on the go today - church, dinner, taking Drew to a study group, setup at church for youth, back home to clean up from dinner, nap (yea!), pick up Drew, go to Youth, back home, get ready for Monday, eat a sandwich, and...finally chill time, and so my brain is chillin'.

Nope - not much point in this post - just a time to chat - about much of nothing! We all need this from time to time, to relax.

Well, looks like the Patriots are coming back down the field. Will they have a perfect season? Only the next 4 minutes will tell.