Sunday, February 3, 2008

Football Anyone?

Just sitting here watching the Super Bowl waiting for the commercials! :) However, this has been a good, defensive game, and my Giants are on the move --- like those Manning boys. I've been rather disappointed with the commercials. Nothing that has really knocked my socks off. (TOUCHDOWN Giants!!!!! )

I guess once we get past this game, it'll be light on the sports until baseball starts. But it looks like American Idol is getting ready to get down to business, and there seems to be a solution in the works for the writers' strike. Which means (I hope) that Chuck will be back on Monday nights.

Yes, this is a post about much of nothing. That's the way my brain seems to be going today --- much of nothing. We've been on the go today - church, dinner, taking Drew to a study group, setup at church for youth, back home to clean up from dinner, nap (yea!), pick up Drew, go to Youth, back home, get ready for Monday, eat a sandwich, and...finally chill time, and so my brain is chillin'.

Nope - not much point in this post - just a time to chat - about much of nothing! We all need this from time to time, to relax.

Well, looks like the Patriots are coming back down the field. Will they have a perfect season? Only the next 4 minutes will tell.

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irmorebel said...

The game was awesome!! I only caught the last two quarters but WHAT A FINISH!!! GO GIANTS!!!!