Friday, February 22, 2008

Awesomeness of Heaven

This morning I thought I saw/felt just a touch of the awesomeness (is that a word?!) of heaven.

After my 50,000 mile checkup last year, I was told I needed to exercise. With this back of mine about all I can do is walk and that has to be on flat surface. Up and down hills aggravates my back. So I have begun walking at Crooked Creek Park. Not being one who "loves" to exercise, I walk to the tunes on my i-pod. Problem is, I can hardly walk when certain songs come on --- I just feel the dance coming out in me. I cannot contain it. I am sure I provide many comic moments for others whop happen to be at CCP the same time I am. In fact, people have passsed me walking and looked back with smiles on their faces. (I think they're smiling with me - not at me.) If you happen to be one of those there while I am----I apologize!

Today was one of those mornings. I started the morning with"unwritten" and progressed to Lion of Judah, Lean on Me, Looking for You, Long Black Train, That's What I Love About a Sunday, and more I can't remember. As I left the building :) I thought that I had truly experienced the Awesomeness of Heaven deep inside me. In all my silliness, I could feel God smiling down at me. How could you hear those songs and not feel the Spirit of God move inside of you? Do you realize our lives are unwritten from this moment on? Yes, God has a purpose for us, but we have a choice. What are we going to write on these blank pages? One of my favorite W&P songs is Looking for You by Kirk Franklin. It's gets me going every time. Am I looking for God?

I have to admit that lately I have been going through the motions with Bible Study. Doing homework because it's what I'm supposed to do. I haven't been looking for Jesus, I've been in a rut. Well, I'm praying it stops today! computer just cut off (came unplugged). How appropriate! It's time to stop the routine. It's time to write the next page, will it be filled with routine, feelings of inadequacies or will it be expecting a glimpse of the awesomeness of heaven? I'm going to make a concerted effort to look for God and those glimpses. I encourage you to do the same.

With love,


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