Sunday, March 30, 2008


I'm waiting on the towels to finish washing so I can put them in the dryer, and I've been surfing the net. Looks like LPL had a good event in Jacksonville. Trying to help coordinate a meal for a friend whose son has surgery next week. And..I'm trying to stay away from the sale at Coldwater Creek and Talbots! I stated thinking, as the years go by I have noticed that the things I used to feel were my strong points now seem to be doing me in. I would speak in confidence of how to handle certain situations, and now those words bite me right in the rear! I begin to wonder what are my strengths. Areas I used to feel comfortable leading are not so easy. Life has a way of doing that to you. It's humbling to say the least. As a control freak, I've learned that I don't need to be in control.

A couple weeks ago, I asked God for wisdom...not for myself, for my husband. I confessed to God that I didn't necessarily need to know how to handle a family situation, but instead I asked that He give insight to K. And being the wonderful Father that He is, He answered my prayer. K was right it started to come to light this weekend. And I'm so glad I didn't and don't need to be the one who "fixed" it.

Letting go is easier when we realize our confidence is in our God and not in ourselves. We may have some good ideas, but maybe not the right idea. We don't always have to have the wisdom...maybe God will give it to others in our lives, and we will be blessed as a result. And humbled...

The washer's beeping...towels are ready for the dryer...and I'm about ready for bed.


Susan B.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Belief or Unbelief?

It's been awile since I've posted...I don't know if I'm brain dead or on brain overload...It's been that way recently...couldn't seem to connect...until earlier this week. I had a great devotion time with God on Wednesday, and it came as I was flipping through the Bible from one location to another. From an earlier devotion I had underlined a phrase, and it caught my eye along with the text in the Amplified Version of the Bible. In a nutshell it talked about how the disciples had not learned from a miracle God had performed, and it reminded me of difficult to learn. The problem is that it boils down to belief or unbelief. Through 3 different devotions, it all clicked - even though I am still trying to put all the pieces together. (It's bound to make a Sunday school lesson one day - maybe others can learn from it, too.)

We all know in our heads that with God nothing is impossible. But sometimes it's so difficult to work that into our hearts and our way of life. God showed me the hardness of my heart...and the power of His Son...resurrection power...what more do we need? We get so wrapped up in ourselves, we miss what God is doing right before our eyes.

So don't forget that God is active in your life...He knows what's going on, and He has resurrection power to raise whatever seems dead in your life...It's one of His specialities!



Friday, March 14, 2008

Not With It

Have you ever had one of those days where you just really don't feel "with it?" That's it for me today. Don't know if it's the slight headache I woke up with or what...but my heart's not in to much of anything except vegging on the couch with the TV controls in my hand! However, I've got places to go and things to do...which is probably good to force me into going and doing.

With this kind of attitude, don't think there will be much house cleaning this morning. Those of you who have been to my house before will say, "What's news?" :) Maybe I'll at least get the floors swept and bed linens changed. But I doubt there will be much heavy cleaning.

One thing I am glad for is the beautiful weather! Can I get a YAHOOOO! I may be doing some porch sitting this weekend. Have a book I need to finish, Kay Warren's Dangerous Surrender. It's already given me food for thought, and I'm only about 1/3 of the way through. I sense God speaking to me about surrender lately. And I don't think I'm doing a very good job of it. In fact I think it's time for me to do some soul-searching. We had a good ending to Bible study last night, but I struggle with what direction we should go. Everyone is so busy these days, I'm not sure the study is ministering in the right way. Maybe a "blog study" would be good. I have a couple ideas running around in my mind. We'll see where God leads. But for me to sense His voice, I feel like I need to take it to the next step - surrender.

We decided last night to postpone our next Bible study because of my schedule ... and everyone else's. We won't pick up again with a formal study until June. I think maybe God is giving me time to seek Him at a different return again to the things I did at the reclaim my first fan into flame my love of God's word. We'll see if I surrender and where God takes this...

From the ending comes a new beginning. Maybe I'll be more with it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baseball and American Idol

Compromise...the final 12 and preseason baseball! I'm flipping back and forth between these two programs. I want to see my Atlanta Braves playing - glad Glavin's back...trying to get used to a new center fielder - can't believe we only have one half of the "Jones boys" now...hoping Chipper and Frenchie will be big hitters...

On the other hand, I want to see what the final 12 on American Idol do. I'm not even sure I have a favorite this year. To me, the girls are stronger, but it doesn't seem anyone has picked a strong song yet. However, I did rock out to Chikezie a minute ago. Alright, Carly just did a good job with Come Together. I'm not much of a Beatles fan, but liked these two performances.

Aren't we funny....we feel such a connection to people we've never even met. We see them on TV week after week, and it seems they're becoming our best friends or our team. However, we have a difficult time making conversation with people next door! It's a crazy world in which we live. We feel more connection with people we've never met and never will meet than with our own family sometimes. I think it's because relationships - real, live, in-person relationships - are so difficult. It takes hard work. But if we take the time, do the difficult thing and hang in there, these real relationships can get better and better.

Back to much about nothing...Simon is so matter of fact, "It was simply brilliant." Love him or hate him, he gets right to the point of the matter - something Paula has a difficult time doing. I think she just doesn't want to hurt feelings. And Randy, he's usually giving construction criticism

He got him! Great play by the Braves at third. I just knew the Washington player had a triple. It's the top of the 7th and the Braves are losing 2-0. They're putting in subs now to give them a try. YIKES - He didn't even hit it....must have been the third strike, ball got away from Javy, now there's a runner on first.

Yep...I'm truly double-minded tonight.....wonder how they're doing on American Idol?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

Endings ---- I'm getting ready for another one. We will finish our Bible study next Thursday night.

I have yet to start my homework for next week's session, but I'm sure I will do a lesson tonight. I always get a little sad at the ending of a Bible study, and I'm sure this one will be no different. We have been doing the revised version of A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place by Beth Moore. If I can make a confession, earlier this week, I was thinking about the ending and read the death of Moses, and yet again, I got tears in my eyes. To think of all Moses experienced with God and the Israelites, however, he would not step foot into the Promised Land. But, God was so good to take him on a mountaintop to see it. The Bible says that God buried Moses Himself..."Moses was 12o years old when he died, yet his eyes were not weak nor his strength gone."Can you even imagine? God blessed Moses in many He does us.

But we were talking about endings...with each ending comes a new beginning. I'm wondering what my new beginning will be. I'll have to keep my eyes open to see it --- don't want to miss a new beginning. Maybe time to begin that devotion I'm thinking about doing....maybe time to begin cleaning out some closets (YIKES!)...maybe time to begin a little yard work...maybe time to just take in the beauty of the beginning of spring.

Are you experiencing an ending of sorts? Keep your eyes on what's coming - the new beginning. Life is always changing. Part of the way to survive all these changes is to look for the new beginning. Remember God's faithfulness. I just wonder what Moses' saw when his life ended...a new beginning in heaven! I bet that was a WOW moment!