Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baseball and American Idol

Compromise...the final 12 and preseason baseball! I'm flipping back and forth between these two programs. I want to see my Atlanta Braves playing - glad Glavin's back...trying to get used to a new center fielder - can't believe we only have one half of the "Jones boys" now...hoping Chipper and Frenchie will be big hitters...

On the other hand, I want to see what the final 12 on American Idol do. I'm not even sure I have a favorite this year. To me, the girls are stronger, but it doesn't seem anyone has picked a strong song yet. However, I did rock out to Chikezie a minute ago. Alright, Carly just did a good job with Come Together. I'm not much of a Beatles fan, but liked these two performances.

Aren't we funny....we feel such a connection to people we've never even met. We see them on TV week after week, and it seems they're becoming our best friends or our team. However, we have a difficult time making conversation with people next door! It's a crazy world in which we live. We feel more connection with people we've never met and never will meet than with our own family sometimes. I think it's because relationships - real, live, in-person relationships - are so difficult. It takes hard work. But if we take the time, do the difficult thing and hang in there, these real relationships can get better and better.

Back to much about nothing...Simon is so matter of fact, "It was simply brilliant." Love him or hate him, he gets right to the point of the matter - something Paula has a difficult time doing. I think she just doesn't want to hurt feelings. And Randy, he's usually giving construction criticism

He got him! Great play by the Braves at third. I just knew the Washington player had a triple. It's the top of the 7th and the Braves are losing 2-0. They're putting in subs now to give them a try. YIKES - He didn't even hit it....must have been the third strike, ball got away from Javy, now there's a runner on first.

Yep...I'm truly double-minded tonight.....wonder how they're doing on American Idol?

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