Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Relevant, Young, Current

Maybe the next American Idol will be a female. Don't know if you're watching tonight, but I haven't seen it yet...Maybe it's the 60's songs? There's only three more to go. Some of them have sounded pretty good, but I'm like Simon - they're just not that memorable. Hope the girls can pull it out tomorrow. Need to take more risks.

Isn't that like us, too. Or maybe it's just me - we stay with the tried and true, the dependable, that which makes us comfortable. And we get no rave reviews. In fact we become quite dull and boring - in a word forgetable. Don't be afraid; take chances are what Randy and Paula said. Simon said, "You need some fresh air." Isn't that what we all need - a breath of fresh air.

Relevant, young, current. That's been Simon's advice to several of them. I feel like that's what we need to be as Christians. These 60's songs are still good - the Gospel is still the Good News. We don't need to change the message of the Gospel, we just need to make it relevant, young and current to our generation. Now the key as to how to do this is like each of these singers - it's up to the individual. Each of us is different, and we approach life differently. My approach to relevant, young and current may not be yours. The thing is that we have a wonderful message, just like these wonderful 60's songs, we need to find a way to make it relevant to this generation. Since when is new life, salvation, love (Jesus) boring? I think it's time we start experimenting, taking some risks and breathing fresh air. Then see what works for you.

I think they saved the best for last. Come on baby, light my fire. Let's light the fire of the Gospel.

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