Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life Transitions

I am middle age...well, that's probably being generous - I am in my mid-50's. I married in my mid 20's - just celebrated my 30th anniversary - YAYAYAY!  Took us 10 years to have a child - who has now completed his second year of college. Life has been in transition the last few years. I guess it is ALWAYS in transition, but when your child grows up and out, it seems more life-altering.

I guess that's why I need a little "therapy." Some days, I'm OK with the empty nest of college, and the adult decisions my child is making, and other times, I'm not. I'm also at a place where I'm wondering all over again...what do I want to do with my life? I've been in the same job for 14 years, and to be honest, I'm bored. My responsibilities have changed over the years - I don't have as many now. Some days that's nice. But I'm a take charge kind of person, and truth be told, I don't feel the passion and doubt my usefulness.

Also in this mix is the fact that my husband and I are dreaming of retirement. Of mornings where we can sleep in, take day trips, work less, volunteer more. That MAY become a reality in the next 5 years. So can I just hang in there? I don't know...

Part of reason to revive this blog is to give me an outlet to voice my questions and  question my choices. Not really expecting anyone to read it. Don't know that I will find answers, but sometimes it helps just to get those feelings out. I am trying to listen for God's voice in the midst of these questions, doubts, decisions. And maybe avoid the high price of therapy and drugs!

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