Thursday, January 24, 2008

Saving the World

I did it again this week --- stuck my nose in something I probably didn't need to get involved in . How do you know? You're really trying to help, but it turns out wrong, and there you are again! Today it hit me --- I think we're really trying to save the world, starting with our little corner. Problem is - it doesn't need saving. Everything is going just fine, we just complicate things!

But how do you really know? The times I need to speak up, I keep quiet; and the times I need to be quiet, I open mouth, insert foot. Not sure I wil ever learn. If I could just be a Daniel - do what I'm called to do in my corner and leave the world to God.

That's my goal - to be a Daniel. I pray for strength in faith, commitment with work and unwavering convictions. I think I'll leave the saving the world thing to the One who's already done that!


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