Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Week!

I cannot believe Christmas is only one week away! I still have just a little shopping to do. Need to pick up this and that. I have lost 2 gift certificates I bought at the beginning of the month - so it will be a scavenger hunt at my house this evening!

I have been meaning to blog all week (it's busy the week before Christmas, imagine that!). I had the best time last weekend - it was girl time. Three other girls and I went to Charleston Thursday and Friday. All we did was shop, eat, talk and visit with friends! I love going through the shops on King Street. Charleston has such neat things. Some things I will NEVER be able to afford, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun looking. And some things I can NEVER find in other places! The weather was not near as bad as it was here - it just sprinkled some. However, the people in the Market started packing up early. So that was a bust. Ate some GREAT food and visited with some wonderful friends. Then on Saturday, we had our annual ladies luncheon where 12 of us meet each year and catch up on each other's lives, eat (of course) and exchange such sweet gifts. Needless to say, by 4:00 Saturday I was slap dab worn out! Then I had to decorate two, yes two, Christmas trees! I am looking forward to the next week off.

May each of you have a season of wonder and awe this Christmas. Remember the wonder of the virgin birth of our Savior and the awe that God came down to dwell in human flesh - Emmanuel, God with us! What more do we need?

Love to all!

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