Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The tears...they did flow!

OK...so this last week has been one of the toughest for us. Preparing for D to leave for college, and then the actual act of driving away was tough. I think even tougher was the next day - Sunday - first day he wasn't home with us. Church was so emotional. I wasn't sure we would make it through...two baptisms, one baby and one friend of D's affirming her baptism, then a video of a middle schooler - a boy, of course. It all just reminded us of how fast time flies. E.M.O.T.I.O.N.A.L!

The week before D left, I opened my Bible one morning to Numbers 11:16-23. It's the part where Moses is about to lose it! Leadership of the Israelites is about to get the best of him! God tells him to select 70 elders, and God would take some of the spirit that was on Moses and put it on the elders to help him lead. Moses is still struggling with the lastest issue - feeding the Israelites meat and is questioning God about how they are going to do this. God said to Moses, "Is the Lord's arm too short?" I felt right then and there in my spirit that God was asking me the same thing. "Is the Lord's arm too short? Am I not at college just like I am here? Won't I continue to look over D there just like I'm doing here?" That gave me comfort...no, God's arm is not too short. Now my stomach was still in knots - but I knew that God was not going to drop my son. That HE would be at college watching over him.

Back to this past Sunday, just as we wondered how long it would take us to get over this feeling of emptiness, God blessed us with a Skype visit with D. It was like he was right there in the kitchen with us. We saw how well he's doing (at least now before classes start - haha) and something inside both K and I just settled down. God's got this. No, it won't all be wonderful all the time. Yes, there will be struggles and disappointments. I'm sure there will be moments of crisis. But God's arm is not too short.

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