Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I know that moms are ALWAYS in transition - even when we don't realize it. But I'm at a crossroads in my "mom-hood" son is going of to college in 3 days! My only only child! I have honestly been trying to let go, and really by the time they are seniors in high school - they are so busy, you have no choice but to let go. Now, he's only going to be 2 hours away and will probably come home some weekends other than holidays. But still...

As I think about it, if I'm honest, it's that I will no longer be in control. I know, I know, that control has been diminishing over the years, but, come on now, I still have a little bit - he's still living under my roof. But not 3 days from now. I won't be able to whisper good-bye to him as I head off to work. I won't be able to listen for him to come in late at night. I won't be able to bug him with a to-do list, because I won't know what he needs to do! Oh...I will miss that boy. He doesn't even realize how much.

In my devotions this morning, God led me to Numbers 11:16-23 where God tells Moses to gather 70 elders together and He will put His Spirit on them and enable them to help Moses lead. What really spoke to me was verse 23 where the LORD asks Moses, "Is the LORD's arm too short?" I felt God was asking me that - "Can my arm not reach to college?" "Will my Spirit not be on him there?" "Who's really in control here?" You, God...not me. You always have been...always will be.

So even though my stomach is still in knots; even though I will be fighting off tears the next few days...I know I can find comfort in the fact that God's arm is NOT too short. He has ALWAYS been in control and always will be. He will look after my boy. But I will be texting! :)

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