Monday, September 12, 2011

48 Hours for 48 hours this weekend the universe was back in sync. From Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon, our boy was H.O.M.E. And all was right with the least our part of it. It was so wonderful. We not only had D home, but his best friend was with him most of the weekend. It was so great hearing boys' voices - talking, playing video games, re-connecting. But then Sunday afternoon came. The boy was excited about going back to school - which is what you want as a parent. But we couldn't stop the tears from coming in our eyes. We weren't as bad as when we left him at college, but we couldn't control the filling of our eyes. Thank goodness we had a birthday celebration to attend after he left. It helped us get back in the empty nest groove without too much pain.

Now we are looking forward to our trip up there for Family Weekend in two weeks. He has friends who will be visiting as well, so I know our time will be limited, but we'll take what we can get! Let the countdown begin!

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