Thursday, April 3, 2008

Summer, Winter, Summer?

Man, was it COLD tonight! Drew had a baseball game and the high all day was about 48 degrees! It misted rain off and on tonight. We won...Drew had a good game...but this weather is something! I hear tomorrow is supposed to be in the 80's. This year's weather seems like a menopausal woman - hot, cold, hot, cold! I don't think my feet have recovered yet!

Just thought I would blog a little before I go to bed. I am so excited - I have found electronic bill pay. What fun! If this all works out I may go to electronic billing. Yep...I'm going GREEN and I'm saving money on stamps. More money for shoes! Not really. I've got to make a serious attempt at cutting back on spending. Think we're heading right into a recession --- in reality we're probably almost there. The grocery store and gas station have just about done me in this week.

The Braves are tied in the 10th inning,K is asleep in the chair and D is probably talking to his girlfriend. He has grown up too fast! While K and I have gotten younger every day. At least that's our on-going joke - you know how everyone else looks older when we see them; however, we have not aged at all. NOT!

At least I'm off tomorrow, but working here at the house. Need to clean - for what it's worth. Community Service Day in town Saturday. Don't know if it will be good weather for outside work or not. Would LOVE to sleep in. Come on rain! (That is so selfish!)

Guess I'm rambling too much. Time for bed.... Later, Ya'll! :)

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