Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Only Your Mother

Today I had a great visit with my mom. We laughed about things maybe others wouldn't find so funny. Like the fact that after trying to diet to get my cholesterol down - it went up 20 points. Or that after Mom was put on vitamin D, her level went down! Or the fact that even though Mom's a great nurse, doctors don't want to listen to her until she gets highly sarcastic. How about burying my grandmother on the opposite side of my grandfather than where she wanted to be buried. Although it really didn't make sense the way Nanny wanted it.

Sometimes only your mother can understand you, and you her. I saw afresh some of the same traits I have, and came away with a little better understanding of myself. In fact earlier today I wondered why I acted a certain way, and as I sat there in my mother's house, the why hit me between the eyes. And I lightened up on myself some.

Don't get me wrong, I'm close to my dad, as most girls are. But it's something about the "sisterhood" that connects mothers and daughters - if you can get past the competition, hard feelings, teenage memories and letting each other down. Mom and I have had our differences...I was a VERY moody teenager, and she was an overprotective mother. We both went through her mid-life crisis from two different sides, and survived. We experienced my first serious boyfriend together, and survived. And divorce...there is life and love after divorce.

Yes, it was a good visit. I saw the reason I do some of the things I do, and didn't resent it. I saw the woman who loves me more than any other woman I know...who I can connect with...who understands me...who I love more than any other woman I know. Only mothers...

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