Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Week

Time really flies by. I can't believe it's been a week since I've last blogged. It has been busy, but as I just told a friend in an email, I can't tell you busy with what! :) As far as work, this is a busy time of the year. Along with it being newsletter week, it's time for Thanksgiving bulletins and Advent mailings, end of the year reports are coming up and holiday happenings. All of this makes for busy days and time flying by faster than I care to admit!

Do you ever glimpse yourself in a reflection as you're passing by a mirror and wonder, "Who's that?" I do, and wonder, "Who's that old person!" It's meeeeeee. When did I get this old? My energy is zapped by 8:00 in the evening now...especially with the shorter days.

As I bemoan all of this, I remember how blessed I am. My Bible study group is on our last lesson of Stepping Up, and God's timing always amazes me. The last week's lessons (for me) focused on unity and God's blessings. What better time to discuss this than the week before Thanksgiving...the week before the "madness" starts...the week before cooking a huge meal (or just being part of one)...the week before the masses head to the malls for the perfect Christmas gift...the week before our group breaks for the holidays. How fitting that we end remembering how much God has blessed us and how much MORE He wants to bless us. As we continue our pilgrimage in this life, let us remember how God longs to bless us with His presence. May you all experience the powerful presence of the Lord God Almighty during this season of Thanksgiving!

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