Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Less Than...More Than

If you saw my post yesterday, you got a glimpse into my mind lately. Overwhelmed is where I felt my brain was going yesterday. This morning I felt less than...less than effective in ministry...less than effective in parenting...less than effective in working...less than effective as a spouse... You get the picture. Anyway in my prayer time, I prayed about my "less than." As I began my morning devotions, I thought I would make a list of everything I'm trying to change about myself. Have you ever felt that way? That maybe you would like a new you? (I can hear Bob Barker now opening the curtain --- A BRAND NEW YOU!) I came up with 11 areas I'm trying to change. Now, any of you who have worked on goal setting know that that's way too many to be effective with any of them.

One of my favorite daily devotions is Today's Seed. The devotion I received this morning said, "Teach me how to take the limits off my thinking so I can be more than I am alone and do more than I am able of myself. Thank You for giving me a capability that extends beyond what I am and reaches all the way to all You are."

We have the capability to be more than - but only through Christ. I thank Him that He answers prayers and puts our requests in perspective. No, I can't make 11 changes at one time...no, I can't do it on my own. Doesn't matter if it's 11 goals or 1 goal, I will fail without Christ. But with Him...anything is possible!

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