Friday, August 1, 2008



I am so EXCITED! The day has progressed very well since I last blogged. I called and got Pelicans ticket so we can see Tom Glavine pitch. YES! I called i-tunes, and it was a simple procedure to re-authorize my computer (since we had to replace the mother board). YES! But most of all, I talked to my baby. He was so excited. He was glad to be coming home, but had an absolute blast at camp. He has tons of stories to tell us. YES! YES! YES! The only slightly aggravating thing is all the decisions we have to make about our small remodeling project that seems to be growing! Oh, well. I might see if I can catch a few z's before we pick Drew up. But I think I'm too pumped to sleep.....


I woke up this morning with a spirit of anticipation for several reasons. Then I went to purchase a song on i-tunes and an issue came up that just made me blow my top. (Satan was right there cheering me on, too.) I'm still hot. Can't even call them because they're on Pacific Time. I had to go face down on the floor for some patience and perspective. Whew! I am slowly coming back to my spirit of anticipation.

The first reason I'm excited is that by BABY (15 though he is) will be coming home from camp today. Can't wait to see him. If you haven't guessed, he really doesn't go to that many camps. In fact when he was younger camp was a four-letter word to him. Well, it technically is a four-letter word, but you know what I mean. Then he went to Campfirmation last year at Lutheridge and had a GREAT time. His counsellor, Herb, made all the difference. This year, he went to Pisgah for ROTC Camp through CHS. The only time we heard from him, he was having a blast.

The second reason I'm excited is that this weekend is the Living Proof Live Simulcast. I can't wait to get a word from God. I am anticipating this like crazy. I was hoping to go to Deeper Still in Atlanta, but the calendar would not cooperate. So this is my only (so far) event of this kind this year. I totally expect a mountain top experience.

The third reason for my anticipation is Drew's 15th birthday tomorrow. Even though he technically has his b/day present, we have a few surprises. Hope he likes them!

Fourth, we are heading to the beach on Sunday for our last summer adventure before school starts. We usually go somewhere around Drew's birthday, and this year it's a bonus week at the beach. A lot of times we'll go to Charleston, but not this year. We will miss that trip, though. First summer we haven't been to the Holy City in years. But we have always had a relaxing fun time at Cherry Grove. Drew's taking a friend, and last night as I was watching the Braves game I heard where Glavine is pitching for the Pelicans on Monday night as he progresses off the DL list. WE ARE THERE! Yes!

So you see the many reasons for my excitement. In fact I went to bed anticipating today. And then i-tunes happened. I think the devil was anticipating this little ploy to spoil my excitement. Have to put things in perspective - what's 83 songs! 83 that I can't play on my i-pod all of a sudden. Don't get me started again! I'll call this afternoon and get it all straightened out. And if not, what difference does it make in the grand scheme of things? Not a hill-of-beans! Except that they're some of my FAVORITE songs....there I go again!

OK, OK...Let me bring an end to this double-minded post. Don't let Satan steal your joy, excitement and anticipation. We all need a little perspective on things sometime. I have reclaimed my anticipation. Can't wait to see my baby. Can't wait till tonight's session from Beth. Can't wait for another word tomorrow morning. Can't wait for a birthday celebration. Can't wait for the beach. When things are going good, and you have every reason to rejoice, don't let the aggravations of life get in the way. Hang on to your excitement. Don't let go!

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