Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Today has really been a pretty good day, until the bad and the ugly set in. It always scares me when they say my football team is predicted to win. Well the game has started off bad and gotten U G L Y and fast. So I've resorted to crashing in the bedroom with no TV on and occasionally getting the bad news update from my son. I'll be glad when this one is over! K has already fallen asleep. Think I'll take my cue from him.

If something has to be U G L Y at least it's a football game - which in the scheme of things really doesn't matter. Don't tell that to 90% of the state of South Carolina, but it's the truth. How many times do we get all worked up over things that have no bearing on the true meaning of life? I don't mean just ball games, but things we worry about that never happen or having the best house, car, job?

Guess it's time to go back into the den and try to cheer up D. Yeah, he'll get ragged at school about it. But in the scheme of things - what does it matter? It all goes in a cycle anyway. What goes up must come down and down goes up, eventually. It's the waiting it out that's tough!

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