Friday, August 29, 2008

Hearing a Word

You've already heard about some of my frustrations with work lately. Well, let me tell you a blessing I get each week. I proof the scripture readings for each bulletin - just to make sure I didn't accidentally cut off a word, stop short on the scripture or copy the wrong readings. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've heard God speak to me or my situation or my state of mind through the readings for that week.

This week was a tough word, but one that I think God was speaking in love. I also think it's a word that we can all benefit from at one time or another. So curl up those toes or pick up your feet, here it comes. "Therefore this is what the Lord says: 'If you repent, I will restore you that you may serve me; if you utter worthy, not worthless, words, you will be my spokesman. Let this people turn to you, but you must not turn to them.'" (Jeremiah 15:19) Did you catch it? Did you see my Word? I have been wondering if I've been hearing God's direction for a couple projects. proofing this scripture, I found my problem, "If you utter worthy, NOT WORTHLESS, words, you will be my spokesman." OUCH!!! That Word stepped all over my toes!

How many times a day do I utter worthless words? More often than I care to admit. You see, we know we are called to repent, but I think sometimes we're thinking we're called to repent of the really big sins - you know: stealing, cheating, betrayal, abuse, drug use. And then we think, I'm not doing the really big sins - so, I'm OK. When the truth is, no we're not - or at least I'm not.

How often have I stolen, cheated or betrayed someone because of a piece of gossip I've repeated...maybe not even gossip. Maybe I've given an opinon on something when I should have kept my mouth shut. Not that I don't have a right to have an opinion or to recognize when things are not right, but there's a proper way to handle it. God didn't tell Jeremiah to be silent, He told him to use worthy words, not worthless words.

God really did "knock me upside the head" with this one. I have too often used worthless words when I need to use worthy. I have used words that tear down instead of building up. There are times when I need to be silent, and there are times when I need to speak up. But when I do, I need to use worthy words.

I started that day trying to recognize and get rid of the worthless words, and that very day, I felt I heard a word from God about those projects I was telling you about. When God disciplines us, it is for our good. When we get a word from Him and begin to act on it, I believe he blesses us.

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