Friday, August 1, 2008

A Word

Remember that when you ask God for a word, He delivers a WORD! The very first thing I MUST mention from tonight's LPL simulcast is that to the right of me was a young mom with her newborn baby. In one arm her baby, and her other hand was lifted in praise to her God. An AWESOME sight.

Tonight's session of the simulcast was AWESOME! (I'm using that word a lot!) It started with Travis. He said things like,"Try Living, New Beginnings, Come to God, Surrender." All words that I've been hearing lately in one form or another. God had my attention. Beth is teaching on Luke 8:1-16, and I mean she is T-E-A-C-H-I-N-G. She is bringing a 100-fold word through a very familiar parable of the seed and the differnt soils and hearers. All to 70,000 people in 715 locations, every state except New Hampshire and several foreign countries representing 23 denominations. AWESOME!

I have heard God speaking - through Beth, to my heart, through worship & praise. Did I mention that Trav and the praise band are AWESOME?! One time tonight Beth said that we need to have anticipation of the word. I have had anticipation all day! Is God speaking or what?

I can't wait for tomorrow's session. I'm sure it will be - you've got it - AWESOME!

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