Friday, September 5, 2008

My Dream!

Why is it that the days I do very little cleaning, someone stops by unexpectedly? Of course, if you know me, I usually do very little cleaning! I've been struggling with sinus drainage this week and woke up this morning with a sinus headache. (It probably won't go away until a good night's sleep.) All this to say, I only hit the high spots today. On top of everything, we're redoing the garage so all that stuff has to go somewhere while the work is being done. Some's on the front porch, some's on the screened-in porch. Also located on the back porch are hunting clothes so they won't get the cooking smells on them. Then someone stops by! YIKES. Too late now! You have to like me for certainly won't be for my clean house!

Of course my fantasy is that when the garage is done, and the tools are back in there place, I'll be able to get a room back to organize some things. I hope to clean out and throw out all kinds of things, organize books and pictures, and cut back on clutter. I can always dream! But maybe this one will come true!

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