Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Heart Touched by Love

Do you ever have those moments in your day where you are so touched by something it brings tears to your eyes? I just had one. As I was in the routine of delivering mail, I overheard our Preschool Director stop a child and ask him where he was going, then she whispered to him, "I love you." Tears are welling up even now. I don't know why, but that single act of love has impacted my day. And I told her, "You are so sweet." I think she knew why I said that, but I wanted to make sure she knew she was special, too.

Many times, I think we miss things like this. We have so much on our minds...are mired in the routine...or just trying to get a lot done in a little amount of time that we miss it. I thank God that I did not miss this one. I think that through our Preschool Director, God was telling that little boy that He loves him, too. We need to realize that God uses us to spread His love to others. Will we take advantage of every opportunity to do that? Will we open our hearts to love - the love God has for us and the love He wants us to share with others?

Open your heart - and be touched by His love!

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