Thursday, October 16, 2008

Prayers, Prayers, Prayers

Today my son leaves for Annapolis with the ROTC. They will visit Quantico, see a Navy football game and who knows what else because he lost his "agenda!" What can I say, he is my son, and he didn't steal that trait! They return home sometime Sunday afternoon.

I'm requesting prayers, prayers, prayers for a safe trip. How appropriate that this week we studied Psalm 121 in our Stepping Up series. The Psalm that talks about God being our protector and helper - He will not let the sun harm you by day or the moon by night. Thank you, Lord. I may be weird, but I always worry when my son goes on trips without us. Heck, I even worry when we all go on a trip. Maybe I worry just to worry. Don't we all at times?

But it is good for him to go off and have fun with friends - good for him and good for his parents. We, too, need time to reconnect. Because before you know it, he'll be in college, and we'll be back to two. So I want to celebrate these times. Enjoy getting to know my husband all over again...but never more than a text message away from my boy.

So my prayer is for D to have a good trip, a blast with his "buds" and to arrive home safe and sound - to parents who also had the same type weekend. Lord, be our Protector!

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