Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feelin' Old!

Yesterday evening I was driving to the Youth Ministry Committee Meeting, and I started feeling very old! It's only a mile from my house to the church - but the feeling hit me loud and clear! A couple young girls were in a car in front of me, and I could tell they were jivin' to the music - hands in the air and groovin'! (Even my use of words shows my age!) I remember when I used to do that. Then it hit me - I am OVER 50! Like all of a sudden I realized it - like I haven't been in my 50s for a couple years - like I've been living in my little fantasy world where I don't get any older.

I wonder if we all have a little fantasy world going on inside of us sometime. We look at others and wonder what happened, but that mirror we look in somehow seems masked! We see the "girl" inside of us. And you know, that's good. Yes, we need to be honest with ourselves, but at the same time we can reconnect with our youthfulness. Tap into that girl inside of you. Seek your own "hands in the air" moments. Maybe it's a song you love - maybe it's a dance you did with your husband - maybe it's a movie - maybe it's a style of clothes (if you're old enough like me, the clothes of your youth come back into style with a little twist) - maybe it's a haircut - maybe it's an old friendship - maybe it's children - maybe it's youth. Whatever - remember there's still a little girl inside of you. Let's lift those hands in the air and celebrate - no matter what our age!

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