Thursday, July 3, 2008

Growing Pains

K just called to say that they are working on not only a railroad crossing but also a side street. So there is a reason for the congestion besides growth. WHEW!

OK...I have just checked a local TV station's website to see if there's a major accident on I-26, and I see nothing! But, see, I just knew there had to be some kind of problem...Chapin traffic is horrendous! I left at 11:25 - supposedly before the lunch crowd - to head to the post office and then meet a friend for lunch. Traffic was backed up EVERYWHERE! I couldn't believe it! Where were they coming from and where were they going to? What has happened to this sleepy, little town? I believe it is waking up - big time! The secret is out about our city, and it is growing and no longer sleepy.

Those who were born and raised in this area miss the sleepy town. Heck, I've only been here 25 years, and I miss it. Growing towns are good and bad. No longer do we know everybody - see my prior post! Yet, we like the conveniences of local doctors, good schools, new restaurants and shops, meeting new friends.

Sometimes growing (personally or as a town) is no fun. The carefreeness of life leaves us, and we experience jams. Even the smallest things aggravate us - we blow things out of proportion, and we long for the simpler life.

God is there for us through it all. As we grow physically, spiritually, relationally and even as a town, He will see us through the jams, aggravations and adjustments. He is our rest - Matthew 11:28-30.

May everyone have a safe, enjoyable and restful July 4th weekend. Thank you, Lord, for our country and the freedom we so often take for granted.

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Nancy said...

It was nice to pay a visit to your blog and yes it is great to know God is with us through it all!
In Him,