Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Do we have any of those lazy, hazy days of summer any more? Ours seem to be more like the crazy! This week, however, may be a little more laid-back, at least for Drew. He can sleep in, spend time with his buds and catch up on summer reading. In a way I wish summer was slower-paced like I imagine it used to be...back in the day. But I notice, that when things get slower-paced, I tend to skimp on my quiet time. With school out, I have the opportunity to sleep later, and I do.

I feel disconnected lately - from God. I know He's still right here with me, but I'm not taking the opportunities to connect with Him. Instead, I'm sleeping in and ignoring a necessity of life - spiritual life. I realized this disconnect yesterday and last night made a pledge to get up at 5:30. Well, I had good intentions, but fell back to sleep after I cut the alarm off, but did manage to get up by 6:00. And I had time to pray, read, get outside for some reflection time. It makes a big difference. Now if I can just keep it up....

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