Thursday, July 3, 2008

Never Underestimate...

I had a "moment" today. You know the kind, where you think you just might lose it and let someone have a piece of your mind. (Not that I have enough to start giving away, but...) I went to make a routine deposit at the bank, and that's when it happened. They didn't know me. I had a check signed by my husband and a deposit slip that, to their eye, did not go together. The lady came back and asked if the bank usually allowed me to make a deposit like this. Well, yes. Then she turned off the sound, and I could see three of them gathered around the check and deposit slip. That's when I felt it rising up in me. We have been customers for 20+ years. How dare they question my right to deposit my husband's check. I wasn't even getting any money back, for heaven's sake... I started thinking, I'll just change to xyz bank. They know me there. Then I did it, I said a small breath prayer. "Please, Lord, help me not to lose it with them. Help me to be loving in my response."

Another lady came back to the window and asked me to sign the check---which is when I told her we had been customers for 20 years. They explained it was routine when the names did not match up. I asked if I had given them the wrong deposit slip. Then I realized it. My husband goes by his middle name-the check is listed in his first name. When I explained this, they were overly apologetic. In the end, I thanked them for being so observant. In this day and age, you just never know who is doing what with your information. As I drove away, I thanked the Lord that I didn't lose it. They were just doing their job - and very well at that.

We all want to be known. You know what, we are not only known but we are heard. God knows our names, He knows who we are. He also hears us - hears our breath prayers, and sends us the self-control (and other types of the fruit of the Spirit) to keep our cool when we need to. Never underestimate the power of prayer, even in the small, irritating things in life. He hears and He knows and He answers.

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