Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's that Dish?

Game shows seem to be the in thing now on TV. Last night at my house, I played the "What's that Dish?" game. A little background, I was trying to be the "good" wife/mother last night. (I'm sure you don't have good wife/bad wife at your house, but we do at mine!) Anyway, instead of going to ball practice I decided to stay home and fix a meal for my boys. K wanted to try to start eating healthier with a salad, and Drew wanted his favorite dessert - which, needless to say, is NOT healthy. So, "Good Wife" goes to the grocery store and purchases items for both dishes. I come home and fix a fruit salad, green salad, fry chicken fingers (not healthy), and fix dessert. As I'm plundering through the fridge for baking items, I notice several, did I say SEVERAL, containers with something unrecognizable in them! As I pulled them out and opened them up - YUCK, YUCK, YUCK. One was so covered with green and white "stuff" that I could not even figure out what it was. Being "Good Wife" last night, I took it outside to the woods to throw it out. I beat the Tupperware container on the ground to get the contents out, the dish became recognizable. "Hmmm, strawberries!" I said. Can't remember the last time we had those! I'm not sure the Tupperware will be re-usable....

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