Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...

No, not Christmas...Vacation Bible School! This is one of the wonders of working in a church. You get to see the transformation from "normal" Sunday school rooms to vacation bible school rooms! Our theme this year is the rain forest, and our leaders have done an excellent job beginning the decorating process. Vines adorn our hand rails, the jungle hangs down from the ceiling, and animals are hanging from trees! How exciting!

Every year I wonder how we can take the magic and excitement of VBS and make it carry through to our "normal" activities. Why is it that one week a year we laugh, play, learn and experience wonderful adventures in God's word? Is it because a lot of people work hard to pull it off? Is it because we only seem to be creative that one time a year? Is it because we only have energy for that one week?!!! I guess some of it is that we can't always stay on the mountain top, we have to come back to the valley and be "normal." Wish we didn't have to.

I recently listened to the song Everything by Lifehouse which was the focus of this year's youth Sunday skit. It's a wonderful song, and a line in it goes, "How can I stand here by You and not be moved by You?" I've been wondering that about myself this week. How can I have the Holy Spirit living inside of me and not be moved by Him? How can I become so accustomed to the notion that the power of the living God is inside me, beside me, behind me and ahead of me that I don't even notice? I want to become more aware of His presence and act accordingly. Just like with VBS, I want to recognize the rain forest of God's love all the time, not just one week a year. I don't want to be normal any more - I want to be different!

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